Documenting the use of defensive urban design in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

Defensive urban design, also known as hostile, unpleasant, or exclusive architecture is used to guide or restrict behaviour in urban space as a form of crime prevention or protection of property.

From benches and ledges that prevent skateboarding and lying down to surveillance and security technologies that keep a watchful eye on the city, defensive urban design has become an everyday part of our urban fabric.


It's an intentional design strategy that targets people who use or rely on public space the most - like people who are homeless and youth -  by restricting behaviours they engage in like sleeping in public and skateboarding. It also makes the city more hostile for other vulnerable residents like people who are elderly,  people who have a disability,  and young children.

This site surveys the many forms of defensive urban design that work to influence how we occupy and interact with our public spaces.

Created by Cara Chellew

Cara Chellew is a public space researcher and organizer with the Toronto Public Space Committee. She received her Masters in Environmental Studies (Planning) at York University and is the founder of the Defensive Urbanism Research Network.


In November 2018, she gave a TEDx talk in Tartu, Estonia called "Rethinking defensive urban design" and has written articles on defensive urbanism that have been published in the Canadian Journal of Urban ResearchSpacing Magazine, and the Ontario Planning Journal.

Twitter:  @DefensiveTO      Instagram:  @defensive_to       Email:  defensiveto (at) gmail.com


Facebook:  Defensive Urbanism Research Network  +   Defensive Toronto

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